Log in and go to your dashboard through the button next to your avatar and click on the Create team button. You can also go to the “Clans” page and click on the Create team button.

After you created your clan you can join ladders by going to the specific ladder you want to join on the “Ladder page”. From there click on the Join link on top.

Find the player on the ‘Players page’, click ‘Invite to..’ and select your Team. You can also invite them by e-mail. Go to your clan on the clans page or through your dashboard and fill in the e-mailaddress and click ‘Send invitation’.

You can challenge other clans directly from a ladder you are participating. Or you can go to the Challenges page and click the “new challenge” button.

Go to your dashboard and look under ‘My challenges’. There you will see all challenges.

Find the player through ‘Players’, click ‘Invite to..’ and select your Team

Go to the “Report match” page and confirm the match under “confirm results”

When you played a match you can report this on the ‘Report match page’ under ‘Your scheduled matches’. When you want to report a match that has been played without a challenge, go to ‘Report match page’ and select the ladder under ‘Report ladder results’.